What Areas do you cover?

We cover Sutton Coldfield, Wylde Green, Boldmere, Four Oaks, Moor Hall, Redicapp, Streetly Walmley, Aldridge, Shenston, Lichfield, Tamworth, B77, B75 postcode areas, but feel free to contact us if you need a Bouncy Castles in another area, we will be glad to see if we can help you.

How much space will i need?

Most of our castles will fit within a space of 18 x 12 feet ( 3 x 6' fence panels)


Do we need a safety mat?

For the safety of the users crash mats need to be positioned at open ended areas of your inflatable theses should be a minimum thickness of 25mm and a minimum of 1.2m in length or width.


Can I go on the children’s bouncy castle with my 9 month old baby?

Sorry no adults are allowed on the children’s bouncy castles as they will tear. The castle's are suitable for when the children are old enough to walk and get on and off safely.


I turned the blower off when you left because the castle was full and it has gone down completely now?

You have to leave the blower running the whole time you want the castle to be used.


I can hear a hissing noise is that ok?

Yes, that is simply the air flowing through the unit.


It is raining shall I cover the blower with an old coat?

No, the blower is never to be covered as that will restrict the air flow. The blower has waterproof seals inside so it is fine in the rain.


It was raining earlier and now my castle is bubbling?

Wipe the bed over with a dry towel to remove the excess water.


What should I do if the castle in not fully inflating?

Check the blower air intake to ensure no leaves or rubbish has been sucked against it. Keep this area clear and clean. Also check to see if there is a secondary tube and check that this is tied up securely. Make sure the tube that is connected to the blower is straight and secured tightly; this will ensure the air flows correctly into the castle.


Please note the height of the users should not exceed the height of the outside walls of the inflatable.